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    Tanzyn Ambrose is a local photographer specializing in family and children's portraits.

Babies bathing in the sink=CUTE!

She had spaghetti for lunch, it was EVERYWHERE and I thought-“Hey why not a bath in the sink”.

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I love my kids:D

I really am not a I always forget to post my newest photos. I remembered today though..that I need to post some of my newest photos. So here I am!

OK..So I didn’t want my daughter to have bangs..and was sick and tired of all of her hair clips falling out of her hair because it’s so thin and soft. So I decided to get her bangs cut so that she can actually see and not have hair in her eyes. She was SO good..sat SO still..didn’t move at all..and the hairdresser…………..CUT HER BANGS CROOKED!!!!!!! Remind me not to go back to this place please. Like……….she was sitting sooooo still and straight…and she ruined them:( Trust me…they are worse then you would think looking at this pic.

Isn’t this the COOLEST hat ever?!? I make him wear it to school and ALL the moms just love it so much…and laugh. Now he doesn’t want to wear it anymore. I still make him though… I mean or what?! But it’s SOOOO cute!

I love this picture so much! It was such a nice day out and we had just come home from dropping Silas off at school and she wanted to go to “WEE’S” in the hammock. She had her cookie..and she was just so happy and it was a beautiful day and not raining:)