Stephanie and family {Maple Ridge family photographer}



Great family photos! I’m super impressed as usual :)

These are adorable! I love the way you captured the little girl’s personality and relationship with her parents. Super cute with her glasses and dress!

precious family–great set of images!

Love their smiles! Great session!

What a beautiful variety…I’m sure the family must be so happy! :-)


What an adorable little girl. I love how you used light differently in each photograph. Maple Ridge should get to know all about Ridge Meadows Family Photography!

What a beautiful family. You did a fantastic job showing their love!


These are gorgeous! Lovely family shots.

Aww…she is a cutie!

I love the kisses at the end. I just bought this same dress for one of my daughters this past weekend.

These are precious…. I love the one with their hands and the little girl… I have something about hands and how much character they show in someone. Great joB!

What a spunky little girl. I love her style and the way you captured her personality.


Isn’t she just too cute? Love the shoes. Wonderful photos!

Lovely family and sweet captures.

Oh wonderful captures – touched me a lot, really sweet :-)

What a cute girl! Love your blog design!

Beautiful family, I love all the connections you captured!

Oh she is darling! Love the Chucks on her!

Aww, the little girl is so cute. Great job!


Dallas | Maple Ridge portrait photographer



Gorgeous model! These are beautiful!

Awe-some! Love #2 from the bottom

WOW pink!!! Great job on these

Gah! Gorgeous! The color image with the flower in front of her eye is my absolute favorite! Love these!

Wow! Beautiful!

Gorgeous girl! Love the fourth image.

Wow, absolutely stunning!

i LOVE these- simply beautiful! The colors and processing are awesome!

wow! Stunning!!!

Wow! She has amazing eyes!


Soooooooo pretty


Gorgeous! I love the first one with the flower! AMAZING!

Stunning shots! LOVE the hair!


Halle | Maple Ridge childrens photographer


Ohhhhh, Little Halle wanted nothing to do with me today. She did not want her photo taken. She did not want to look at me, she did not want to be inches away from her momma the whole time, poor little thing. She is the cutest little thing though. Gorgeous little girl. I had to get some photo’s up right away.

these are seriously to die for! love the girl, love the composition. great job!!

Know what you mean – KIDS! But you got some really good and stunning captures and that’s what makes you a good photographer. :-)

she is beautiful! Great colors!

Wonderful images!

Awe, she is lovely!

Oh these are stunning! What beautiful hair this lil cutie has!

What a sweet little girl. Her hair and eyes are just adorable! Great job!!


Awww, she doesn’t look like she didn’t want her picture taken! Looks like she was having a fabulous time!

What a beautiful girl! I love the one where she’s holding Mom’s hand :)

Beautiful images. I love so many I can’t choose a favorite :)

These are lovely! What a beautiful little girl. Your captures are wonderful!

fantastic images despite the circumstances!

You got wonderful shots! Kudos, especially if she wasn’t interested in being photographed :)

What a pretty girl. I love the ones with her mom on the blanket! Great job!

She is beautiful, love her blue eyes! The photos are beautiful, and you can’t tell she didn’t want her picture taken! Awesome work!

These are so amazingly awesome!!

Love the ones of her interacting with her mom! Adorable!

She’s beautiful! Love the images of her with mom.

Aw she is just too cute! Love these!

I love the connections that you captured! Just beautiful :)

Gorgeous little girl! You did a great job – you’d never suspect she didn’t want her photo taken!

What a sweetie! You got some great variety here!

These are wonderful portraits!! I know how difficult little ones can be sometimes- great job with these, they’re beautiful!

She’s super cute! You did a great job with a less than willing model :)


She is adorable, never would have known she did not want her picture taken.

Wow, you’d never know she didn’t want her picture taken. These are just wonderful. What an adorable little girl. Great job!


Fantastic images … You’ve made it very hard to believe that you had a hard time getting these very beautiful pix … Excellent work :)


Mexico 2012





Wow. I’m feeling incredibly jealous right now! Looks like an awesome time!

looks like an awesome time!!

these are amazing!! love all the colors – I need a vacation!!

Great colors and what a collection :-)

Wow the colors are so vibrant. Makes me want to go to Mexico too! Gorgeous & fun photos!

I am so jealous!!! I want to go to Mexico! Great photos! Looks like a blast.


What a FUN collection of photo!!!


Absolutely beautiful .. <3
You captured our holiday so wonderfully .. Thank you boo :)


Beautiful “S” and her kidlets | Maple Ridge family photographer


I met up with this beautiful momma and her kids on the weekend and it was such a GORGEOUS day!! It was nice meeting you guys-hope you enjoy your photos as much as I do:)

That cannot be the mom! She is stunning. Beautiful family.

I absolutely love your conversions!

What a beautiful family! I bet Mom loves these!

What a beautiful family! You captured some great moments. They will cherish these!

Gorgeous captures of a beautiful family! Mom’s style is awesome!

Great pictures. That mama can’t be old enough to have kids that age. They are all gorgeous.

What a cute family! Great pictures!

Mom is stunning! Love the interaction between the three of them!

beautiful family. great shots. a lotta love there. :)


Such a lovely family. Wonderful shots.